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Associating and concretising characterise the works of Maria Teresa Crawford Cabral. The process of finding the final picture is determined by random elements – scars on the picture object, colour structures, imprints of the body. Cabral develops poetically surreal paintings from these unspecified circumstances, which remain puzzling in spite of their vividness. They are like a narrative kaleidoscope, which generates uncountable views without decoding the presentation.


Cabral’s picture compositions base on a process, whose results remain open to the end, and in which spontaneity and intuition are the directors. Free from rational considerations and control mechanisms, the composition alone steers the shape of the picture with its own rules and requirements. This is how Cabral’s paintings develop into a crystallisation point of art subconscious, which at the same time is a phenomenon of revealing our presence.





Dr. Sabine Weicherding,

September 2012 ( from the preamble - Associations and concretising -)

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